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Perceval folding knives

Perceval folding knives

PERCEVAL is one of the best cutlery manufacturers in FRANCE and elsewhere.

Each knife is unique and its production remains limited with also personalised knives and out of catalogue.
The Perceval knife is made to last and its effectiveness is not any more to show.
These knives are manufactured in the respect of traditions and the concern to present quality products designed to withstand the test of time.

Perceval offers a wide choice of blades and handles, all more original than the others: undamaged steels with splendid wood species, rosewood, Gabonese ebony, snakewood, amaranth...
French knives in damascus steel with burr handles of ironwood, olive wood and the superb Mammoth Ivory.

Owning a Perceval knife is like having a piece of French cutlery history in your pocket.






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