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Kitchen knives Dick series 1905

Kitchen knives Dick series 1905

  The new 1905 knife line of Friedr Dick.

The special design of the 1905 series is captivating thanks to its exceptional appearance.
Modern materials and manufacturing processes are used.
The symmetrical steel rings are inseparably connected to the moulded handle, using a unique technology. 

It goes without saying that the blade is made of best quality German XCrMoVMn stainless steel, preferred by reputable chefs.

A finely dispersed martensitic structure is produced (with a hardness of over 60 HRc) thanks to a hi-tech tempering process at temperatures of approx. 1950° F and cryogenic treatment at temperatures as low as -310° F.
Targeted tempering in several stages at approx 392° F produces a unique,
dynamic and sharp cutting edge. During this process, the hardness is carefully reduced to 55HRc. This hardness is required as it guarantees sharpness and retention of sharpness and also facilitates resharpening. Combining these two requirements in a balanced manner is an art. Highly experienced craftsmen add on the end cutting edge by hand.

Whetstone Dick 7 1360 00 grit 360-1000 Whetstone Dick 7 1360 00 grit 360-1000 AI71360 Ref. 7 1360 00 Brand Dick 54.79 Including tax
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