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Croco knives quality handmade knives

Croco knives quality handmade knives

Croco Knives is a  well established Knife Manufacturing factory in WAZIRABAD-PAKISTAN, producing handmade knives since several generations with the best quality materials. 

All damask models in this range are delivered with traditional forged damask steel blades (200 layers!). 
In the era of industrial damascus, it is a true artisanal speciality at a moderate price that deserves to be encouraged.

Theyr aim is to make highest quality Traditional handmake knives for the every day carry and the best tool for the outdoorsmen under the Brand name ‘’Croco Knives” .


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Our team at your disposal

Our team at your disposal

Vente de couteaux de cuisine, couteaux de boucher, couteaux professionnels,
couteaux de chasse et de poche, aiguiseurs et affûteuse de couteaux

Best knives for cooks, butchers and hunters, folding and outdoor knives,
sharpening tools, kitchen gadgets and utensils

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