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Our brands of hunting knives, bowies

Make your choice amoung our brands of outdoor knives, bowies selected for you for their robustness and their reputation.

The Bowie is a large knife, robust and suitable for intensive use.

Its popularity is due to Colonel James Bowie, who extensively used this type of knife in the 19th century.

The shape of its blade is mainly of the type "clip point" single-edged and cons-sharpened sharpened with ricasso on the index,
which allows the bowie knife to be both a weapon and a tool adapted to different outdoor activities.

The size of bowie knife blades generally ranges from 15 cm to 30 cm, sometimes even more.

The bowie is, in the vast majority of cases, mounted in flat sole, a very solid type of mounting that also makes it easy to manufacture a new handle if it is damaged.

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