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Scandinavian knives, Lappish knives

The Nordic knife brands - Lappish or Scandinavian - offered on our site all have undeniable qualities of solidity and robustness.

The steels used are of high quality, Swedish steels, 12C27 Sandvik, RWL34 damasked, cobalt rolled steel, or high carbon steels: each brand selects the alloys according to the primary use of the blade, the cutting edge and the required strength.

The materials chosen for the handles are often natural: birch, walnut, deer antler, leather... assembled for a most successful appearance.
A godsend for lovers of beautiful objects combining efficiency and aesthetics! All this in respect of Nordic and Lapland traditions.

Some ranges offer knives that are really designed for outdoor work, in humid environments or for survival: practical, efficient, with an excellent price/quality ratio such as Mora or Ultafors knives. Their non-slip handles will then be made of resistant polymers or plastics, wrapping full silk blades for added safety.

At EKA, we have taken over tools that are more suited to hunters, such as folding saws or knife sets for cutting meat and game.

Everyone will find in our selection the Nordic knife corresponding to their tastes, needs or budget

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