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Wood carving knives and hooks

Wood carving knives and hooks

For Morakniv, when it comes to woodcarving, it is essential to use a knife or carving hook with a perfect cutting edge. 
The experience must remain positive and creative, but it can be dangerous and injurious if the blade is blunt. 

A sharp knife simply puts you on the right way.

To improve safety during work processing, the knives have a rounded safety tip to eliminate the greatest cause of injury.
If you want to sculpt your own spoon, bowl or cup, you will need a hooked knife, because its U-shaped shape allows you to hollow out rounded and concave shapes.

The quality of steel is unique for Morakniv knives. 
The blade core is made of high carbon steel coated with a softer alloy steel layer. 
The laminated carbon steel blade offers outstanding toughness and superior cutting edge resilience. 
The surface of the blade has a rough texture due to the lamination process at the steel mill.

The classic Morakniv round handle made of birch wood fits perfectly in the hand, regardless of the gripping or carving technique. 
Very pleasant to handle, it offers a perfect touch
A wooden handle also allows you to reshape it according to your preferences.
A rivet effectively attaches the handle to the silk.


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