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A kitchen knife for each use

It is important to choose the right knife, because in the kitchen each knife has a well defined use!
Here are the main types of knives or blades usually used in the kitchen. 

The Office knife, or paring knife 
The blade, rigid, can be straight: to peel fruits and vegetables, to cut them into dices or slices, or curve (in bird's beak): To turn some vegetables (potatoes, carrots...), give them a special and regular shape.
Blade length varies from 6 to 12 cm

The chef's knives 
The chef's knife is indispensable in the kitchen to prune the vegetables into sticks, juliennes and chop the herbs.
It is also widely used to cut pieces of meat or fish into pieces.
The blade length usually varies between 13 and 30 cm, but the most requested blade length is 20 cm

The Santoku knife
The shape of the kitchen knife Santoku comes directly from the Japanese culinary culture. 
In Japanese, the term "santoku" literally means "three good things" in relation to the tasks usually performed in the kitchen, namely: slicing, cutting, chopping.
One of its peculiarities is to make thin slices without its blade being dirty, especially when the latter is scalloped. 
The scallloped blade prevents sticking of food (such as fatty fish)  to the blade when cutting.
The blade length of the Santoku knife varies between 14 and 20 cm

The Universal or utility knife
Between the office knife and the chef's knife, the universal knife is a kitchen mat. Versatile, it adapts to all uses for those who do not like to wield large blades.
Its blade can be smooth in serrated, its length varies between 10 and 15 cm

The Tomato Knife
The tomato knife, cousin of the Universal knife, has a toothed blade allowing it to slice the tomatoes without crushing them, to remove the skin from hard fruits like citrus, to cut them into slices.
The length of the rigid blade can vary between 8 and 14 cm

The Slicing knife
Also known as slicer or Yatagan in the Japanese version, it has a long rigid blade, neither too narrow nor too wide, to cut roasts, leg meats, large poultry and cooked hams.
Accompanied by its meat fork, it is indispensable for the cutting of the family roast at  table!
Its length usually varies between 18 and 30 cm.

The Ham or Salmon knife
A long blade, soft, narrow, smooth or dimpled, it slices sharply and accurately raw or smoked salmon or hams.
The alveols impeaches the adhesion of the product on the blade and allows a sharper slicing
The blade length varies between 25 and 35 cm.

The fillet knife, filleting knife
Its narrow, flexible blade makes it the ideal tool to lift fish fillet accurately. 
This knife also allows the cutting of foie gras.
The blade length usually varies between 15 and 20 cm

The boning knife the kitchen
It has a short, rigid and narrow blade that makes it easy to clear bones on meat and poultry parts.
The boner is widely used in butchers and meat cutting plants. 
We also offer a wide choice of boning knives in our butcher's store

The Bread Knife
Its length and its stiff, serrated blade allows you to start the hardest bread crusts and cut crisp slices without crushing the bread.
It can also be utilepour the cutting of roasts.
The ideal blade length of a bread knife is 20 or 25 cm

The steak knife
The steak knives are not only very usefulfor cutting your slices of meat or during barbecues, but are also very beautiful decoretion objects at the table which will make the admiration of your guests


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