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Damascus blade fixed knives

 Damascus steel

First of all it is important to know that the term Damascus steel is used to name two types of steel with a significant appearance:

- Damascus steel is also called wootz a type of Indian steel mainly used for the manufacture of sword blades, developed in India, manufactured locally but also in the

Middle East. An exceptional quality which is distinguished by a moiré aspect (contrast effect changing with the deformation of an object without the effects of shadow).

All this technique associated with the know-how will disappear during the 12th century.

- Lately the term has been taken up again to designate those steels made of different grades of steel forged to obtain more or less similar patterns.

This material, called "Damascus wrought steel", takes its name from its similarity to Damascus steel. It can be a combination of old-fashioned know-how or a modern process that will improve the design of

that will improve the design of the objects.

Despite the similarity and the fact that Wootz Damascus steel is relatively rare, today everything leads to the name "Damascus" for wrought Damascus. A term that has become

common, but wootz steel is still called "Real Damascus".


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